September 24, 2011

Art Crush: Samantha Lamb

I think my friend Samantha Lamb is pretty well known in the state of Oklahoma these days, and rightly so. Her fine art photographs are breathtaking. They seriously make my liver quiver. Just in case you haven't been introduced to this lovely lady and her art, I thought I'd share a little glimpse of her newest work which celebrates Indian Summer in all its warm, glowy beauty.

I had the supreme honor of being photographed by Sam a couple of years ago, and since I've come to know her, I can tell you that a sweeter, more creative and genuine soul does not exist in this world. She is twice as gorgeous in person as in her photographs, if you can believe it. Sam is currently working her fingers to the bone running a farm and communing with wild owls and donkeys and milk cows. She is Snow White come to life, I tell you.

Visit Sam's blog for more of her lovely work and life (and pies!), and grab her coupon code for a fall discount in her shop. Now I'm off to drink something warm and eat something spicy and pumpkiny, thanks to Sam's gorgeous photos. I hope that you're enjoying these first fall days, my favorite time of year.


Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Aawwwww:) this truly made my month:) it has been a long month, but this is better than a peach tree sweet:)

Robin Thomas said...