Welcome to Sweetheartville! I'm Holly Hall, an Oklahoma prairie girl with my heart in the Ozark Mountains. All my life, I've felt a deep connection to the past, and to the amazing, resilient women who have come before me. I hope to empower my two daughters to live self-sufficient, creative lives by teaching them the skills of their great-great grandmothers.

my girls and me
my girls
holly n jeremy 4 ever

I'm married to my partner in all things and best friend of fourteen years, and together we make fart jokes and our own brand of dark folk music as Welcome Little Stranger. Sometimes I make art, and when I do, I'm inspired by real country music, folkways, outsider art, murder ballads, big hair, Nudie suits, and Victoriana.

roadside collage

I'm a licensed beauty operator, a Girl Scout leader, a professional mess maker, and a tireless tryer of new things. I like taking photos, playing the Autoharp, and visiting roadside attractions. I love the kitschy and the creepy. I think life is too sweet and too short to waste, so I'm using mine up and wearing it out. Thanks for stopping by!

"Behold the work of the Old. Let your heritage not be lost,
but bequeath it as a memory, treasure and blessing.
Gather the lost and the hidden and preserve it for thy children."
- Christian Metz