September 22, 2011

Contemporary Shell Craft

Contemporary Shell Craft

Nothing says "kitschy craft of yesteryear" like seashells glued to one another. I have a real soft spot in my heart for this kind of stuff. Maybe it comes from being born a landlocked Okie, but more than that, I think I'm just struck with the ingenuity and creativity of the human mind. Since the beginning of time, people have looked at shells on the beach and admired their beauty. Maybe they even made pretty jewelery. But who was the first person who thought, "If I stick this shell to this one this way, and then attach this little one on top, it would look just like a mouse!" Yes, I think about this kind of thing.

shell craft

Here's Miss Gayle Pearson, the author and creator of these seashell pretties, of whom great things were expected. I wonder what she went on to achieve in her future career as one of the craft movers and shakers of the 1960s. I love the artist bios in these old craft booklets. These gals were the craft bloggers of their day.


candy dishes
Okay. These mermaid candy dishes just killed me dead.


Briana Shepley said...

Those little dishes are something else!

Oh, if I told you how many shells I had from people bringing back from vacations, your jaw would hit the floor. I'm FINALLY starting to figure out some stuff to do with them! Sometimes I think I should go release them back into the ocean ;)

Eartha Kitsch said...

Love it! ALL about it! And especially how they put that woman's photo in a shell outline.