WLS EP Cover Art

Back in 2009, my husband Jeremy and I decided to write some songs together, he providing around 90% of the musical talent and 100% of the recording and engineering know how, and me providing the dark themes and Old-Time Gothy lyrics about murder, Masonic funeral rites, and Voodoo. Thus, Welcome Little Stranger was born. Besides guitar, Autoharp, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, and dobro, we've been known to add rotary telephone, scissors, squeaky door hinges, and electronic beats to the mix. You can listen to or download our EP at our Bandcamp page.

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Finlay Holloway said...

This would be a good gravestone print for the bodies that are recovered but not recognized. I often visit and offer my prayers to victims of unfortunate circumstances and I think this would be a good welcome greeting for those that do the same thing.