March 3, 2011

Wallpaper Wants and a New Shop

Hello there! Sorry to be such a stranger around these parts. Between getting ready for baby, record breaking blizzards and cold temperatures (-31 degrees!), sick relatives, and just general exhaustion and pregnancy woes, the ol' blog got put on the back burner. One thing I've been up to is opening up a second Etsy shop to sell some vintage wares as well as some handmade goods that don't quite fit in at the Sweetheartville Shop. Stay tuned for lots of vintage craft books and patterns and more housewares in the near future.

Another thing going on around here is some serious wallpaper coveting thanks to these designes from Elli Popp.

Really, doesn't this last one just scream "Sweetheartville"?

In the works are some new Sweetheartville prayer candles, a giveaway, and maybe a new Welcome Little Stranger tune or three. I promise not to be so scarce around here!


La Dama said...

congrat on the baby Amor!
Welcome back.was wondering when you were going to do a post.
I cant wait..I love the first Mexican pattern.

Heather said...

it sure does scream sweetheartville! Those are so fun :)

Robin Thomas said...

Love that dang banner so much. I imagine you siting in a dryer chair growing your baby in that wallpapered room.

Thanks for that.

Holly said...

I can't wait to see the new shop! I totally adore everything you create. Are you currently looking for any Sweetheartville groupies? If so, sign me up!

And yes, that last wallpaper is SO you.