March 5, 2011

Where The Magic Happens

my desk
Get your dirty minds out of the gutter! This post is about mine and The Mister's shared office/studio/crap containment area. Adding a new member of the family means that some room swapping is in order, so I've pared down my vintage lovelies and craft supplies and somehow managed to squeeze what's left into a rather tiny bedroom.

This is where the designing, creating, and packing + shipping required by Sweetheartville takes place, along with Welcome Little Stranger songwriting and recording sessions. It's also where a whole lot of interneting happens.
On the top of this old medical cabinet which holds crafty odds and ends and enough vintage rick rack to choke a magnetic donkey, I've displayed some artwork by my talented friends Heather, Sam, and Sara, and some inspiring photos and bits of paper that I change out from time to time. The vintage beauty products are just a few sent to me by my incredibly, amazingly generous friend Bob. Thank you Bob!

Wanda just returned after her whirlwind tour of OKC, and now resides in a place of honor overlooking one of my most favorite possessions, a tintype of my mom and dad made on a trip to Silver Dollar City a few years before I was born.
Just a little peek inside Sweetheartville!


Heather said...

what a beautiful room! Sheesh, now I need to get cleaning up this little art room. How quickly they get wrecked! This looks awesome, and i cant wait to see what you do to the girls' room!~

La Dama said...

Stunnng room .
Love the vintage ric rac and donkey.
Looking foward to see wha you with babies room.

Holly said...

This space is so magical, Holly! It is 100% you, which of course means 100% awesome. :-)