November 2, 2008

Dispatches From a Madhouse

It's been a wee bit crazy around here, with no end in sight, but I'm making the commitment to blog at least once a week. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my bloodshot eye.
I found a real live Dia de Los Muertos skull at the flea market, and I love her, especially her Frida hair. Frida will most definitely not be going to the attic with the other Halloween decorations. She's here to stay.

Not just any Horror Teeth. These are from Hollywood.

My wittle wadybug.

Osage graves in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

I don't have many after death wishes, but if a headstone is purchased for me, I think it needs a lift up photo door. Preferably containing this picture.

A crazy, crafty mess.

Know what I went and did? I decided to take Sweetheartville to the next level, and signed up to do my very first craft show. On December 6th, I'll be shilling my wares in Oklahoma City at the first annual Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar. I've got lots of new items in the works that I'll be revealing soon. I'm so excited, but a little overwhelmed with all there is to be done. Besides crafting up an inventory, there are tables, tablecloths, packaging, displays, promotional items, signage, oh, and that whole Etsy shop thing. I've just listed new vintage craft supplies, including these super cute pillow/plush printed panels.

So hop over there and start your holiday shopping already.


Brigid said...

Your Ladybug is adorable! I love that engagement photo, too. I look forward to meeting you at Deluxe.

fancy said...

I'm jealous of your sugar skull....
Keep it hidden when I come over.
Just a fair warning my friend.