October 28, 2008

Birthday Season

Our family packs about seven birthdays into the fall, so it's always a busy time in Sweetheartville. For Sugar Pea's second, I made spider cupcakes for her nursery school classmates, which were a huge hit. Each toddler also got a mini pumpkin with a little gift tag as a party favor.

Since my sister and my niece live in Texas and can't make trips home all that frequently, we had one big birthday blowout bash for Sugar Pea, my mom, my niece, and my sister. My four year old niece had a "Hontana" (Hannah Montana) cake from the bakery, and I made Sugar Pea a "Open Baby" cake that was strawberry on the inside, covered with homemade cream cheese icing.

I used a few different tips to pipe designs with pink icing, some decorator sugar for color, and two chocolate chips to form her eyes.

The birthday girl wore vintage.

Would you get a load of these girls?


fancy said...

Wow! I can't believe how big your niece has gotten. They both are adorable. Awesome cake too. You're a great mom, man.

Bob said...

The 'pea is adorable!
Wha'd you use for the spider bodies on the cupcakes? At first I thought they were grapes, but maybe gumballs?

Brigid said...

You have some mad cake decorating skills, lady! I need to learn all that stuff. I love that last picture. You have some beautiful girls in your family!

jungle dream pagoda said...

cutest cakes ever!!!
...and that Sugar Pea!!! what a cutie!

Christie said...

I LOVE that cake, it looks like you've been a busy girl and doing lots of fun stuff! xxoo