September 13, 2008

Gonna Peacock Around The Clock

It seems I'm not the only one talking about lovin' some peacocks these days. A while ago, I stumbled upon Dr. Julie-Ann's cute blog, A Modern Retro Woman, after she linked to my "Nylon Net Novelties" post. During her search for a crafty peacock project she recalled from her childhood, lots of peacock themed posts from all over Blogland came up, and she shared them with her readers. She never did find any information about the wall hanging she remembered her step-grandmother crafting from cut up meat trays, so I thought maybe I could help. Unearthed from my collection of vintage Pack-O-Fun magazines, is this gem from the April 1966 issue.

This elegant beauty is made from nothing more than some discarded egg cartons, wire, and gold paint. But don't think that the fun stops at peafowl, because all sorts of wondrous creations can be crafted from empty egg cartons, including a poodle, various flowers, a ring box, and even a hanging lamp! If you'd like to cut and glue an egg carton masterpiece of your own, you can click on any of these photos to make them really ridiculously huge, or you can mosey on over to my Vintage Crafts Set on Flickr, where they'll be as well.

And I just couldn't write a peacocky post without including this pretty fellow who made our acquaintance a couple of weeks ago on a visit to Woolaroc. The cheeky beggar got within a couple of feet of us Sweethearts as we ate our barbecued buffalo sandwiches, and shared bits of chips and bread with him.


Heather said...

Back in the day, the former dude and I were on a drive out in the country as we liked to do when we were bored. This particular day, we rounded the top of a hill and almost hit 2 peacocks! In the middle of nowhere! Insanity.

jungle dream pagoda said...

My little wee petal loves "peahawks as she calls them!