October 4, 2008

Dry, Odorless, Effective

Remember my Asian figure lamps from Neosho? Well, I searched high and low for the right shades, and the best I could come up with were a pair of black chandelier shades that, when clipped on the bulbs, were too high to cover the lamp sockets. So, I did some crafty improvising, and decided to glue black fringe around the inside rims of the lampshades. The fringe I purchased was a few inches long, so a trim was in order. Let me tell you, for someone who prides herself on being crafty, and is professionally trained in the art of haircutting, this proved to be more of a challenge than anticipated! I kept having to trim a little more here and there, until the fringe turned out a tiny bit shorter than I would have liked. In the end, I really like the effect. Sort of vintage Shanghai bordello.

I put the pair on either side of my vanity, which dates from the 1940s or 1950s, and was a wedding gift from my Mama. I've made quite a bit of progress on my bedroom, and after I get some pictures hung, I'll give you a tour. But decorating isn't what I want to tell you about today. Today's post is about my love of vintage beauty products, and a new friend who shares the same passion for old bottles, boxes, and jars.

Bob found Sweetheartville recently, and contacted me because he too loves and collects vintage beauty products and vintage hairdressing magazines. Believe me when I tell you that he is a Dollface of the highest order, so much so, that he sent me a big ol' box of vintage hair goodies in the mail. After I told him that I had dropped my darn Dippity-do jar and broken the lid, he sent me a new one, along with a bottle of Subdue Dandruff Shampoo.

That's not all he sent, though. That sweetheart mailed not one, but three vintage perms, each with its original components still inside the box! These are the first perms in my collection. This "Self" permanent dates from the days of big hair and white lipstick, and is just delightful with the poppy simplicity of its package design.

The "Chemtronic Life Pick-Up Permanent" is designed for touch ups to the bangs and neckline between regular perms, and is my favorite of the three with its shiny gold box.

Last, but not least, comes the "Pin Quick" Pin Curl Permanent from Richard Hudnut. It's weatherproof! Thank you so much, Bob!

I thought I'd share a few recent additions to my ever-growing collection. One of my very favorite pieces is this "EZ Hair Removing Glove" I picked up at a garage sale this spring for a quarter. It is unused and still with its original packaging, a lovely folded card featuring an elegant lady hand with nails manicured in the unpainted tip and half moon fashion of the 1930s, from which it dates. It was made by Helen Neushaefer, who appears to have been the creator of creme nail polish, although information on her is limited.

The hair removing glove is "dry" and "odorless" because it is essentially a loop of sandpaper designed to slip over four fingers. As for the "effective", I guess we'll never know. It certainly would aid in exfoliation. The fact that sanding ones leg whiskers off is a foreign concept to me (and, I would imagine, others), somehow leads me to believe that the results were less than desirable.

Another recent find is an addition to a collection I've shared before-my vintage powder compacts. Despite its battered appearance, this was an especially exciting find for me, since it is a commemorative souvenir of Oklahoma's semi centennial in 1957, the anniversary that spawned the Tulsarama! celebration during which Miss Belvedere was buried. Engraved on the image of our state is the phrase, "From tepees to towers."

The color scheme and Art Deco sleekness of this "Fonteel Toilet Powder" tin just kill me.

Another recent find was this glittery pink plastic 1950s curler hamper. How do I know that it's a "curler hamper" and not a candy dish, you ask?

Because it says so in gold letters on the lid!

I've added lots more photos of my collection to my Vintage Beauty Set on Flickr, so hop on over for a peek!


Christie said...

There's a lot of beauty in that post! I've used the little sandpaper mitts. When I was in 7th grade I wasn't allowed to shave my legs!? So my mom found a handy way to grind the hair off my legs since I wanted hairless legs. Seriously they did work well.

Hawaiian Radiation said...


Bob said...

"Five times faster from start to finish" It just doesn't get any better than that! Glad you like the perms!

fancy said...

Bob is the raddest for sending you the goods! So jealous of your curler hamper too!!!

micha mae said...

ah dippity-do. my mom used to use that on my hair when i was a kid, to hold the set. i would get to hold the jar, like i was her little assistant. she would roll mine + my sister's hair before bed. she'd use either pink sponge rollers or do pin curls. oh, and she had these fat soft rollers with a wire through the center. they were covered in white cloth with orange stitching, they looked like marshmallows on a stick. those were the days, back when i had my own personal hairdresser.

Alaska said...

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Footsie said...

The sand paper things for your legs are making a come back.. I bought some and they really work.. but only if your leg hair is longer than you would want to let it grow out before you took it off. They call it "Smooth Away" here's the link https://www.getsmoothaway.com/ver41/index.asp

50sme said...

The so called miracle in hair removal nowdays is 'Smooth Away', the exact same danged thing as themuch cooler one you've shown us here. (ooops, I just noticed 'footsie' said it first in her comment) Funny, my 15 year old daughter just would not go for the cheaper route of a 27 cent square of ultra fine sandpaper. I would save exactly $14.72 my way, lol. Maybe if I cut a cute little hand shape, glue it on to a paddle of some sort, add some glitter, some feathers and some dangle downs, wrap it up in attractive packaging and then give it to her she might go for it!