July 10, 2008

Nylon Net Novelties

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, "Nylon Net Novelties".

I think several of these sweet little trees would be pretty done in pink and silver clustered together to make a little Fairyland Forest on a table or mantle.

For "party-time fun", a Pink Elephant centerpiece is sure to please your friends. Those drunks. And who doesn't love a Candy Clown?

What bride-to-be wouldn't be totally creeped out thrilled to find this delightful centerpiece gracing the table at her bridal shower luncheon?

Oh the cuteness of these baby shower centerpieces is making my eyes water, especially that little baby buggy!

Storks are a popular option, if you're in denial about where babies come from.

I think this soap fish is awesome, and you know I'm loving that peacock.

If Fairyland Trees aren't your Christmas cup of tea, then maybe this Santa could find a home with you.

Next Easter, why not have this charming little fellow greet your family and friends at the door. They're sure to ooh and aah. That is, if they don't run away screaming in horror first.

In my extensive scholarly research on Postwar America, one fact has become increasingly clear. People loved them some poodles.

This next pattern may be unsuitable for some readers. Parental discretion is advised. You might want to ask young children to leave the room. Perhaps they can entertain themselves by playing chef with the "ingredients" under the kitchen sink so Mama can have one damn minute to herself to write a blog post! Is that too much to ask!!??! Now, where were we. Oh yes, I was just about to show you this REALLY SCARY NET MONKEY!

All these patterns have been added to my Vintage Crafts Set over at Flickr.

*Edit* I was just about to wrap up this post, when I thought to myself, "Something about that baby bassinet decoration seems familiar...hmmm...where have I seen it before?" Then it occurred to me that Mary at My House Is Cuter Than Yours made something similar. So, after much searching I found it, and darn if she didn't blog about the same craft booklet and make that exact baby shower centerpiece! (Scroll on down. It's there.) How cute!
What a small, crafty, vintagey blog world we're living in, Dollfaces, and I just love it. Hopefully, I'll be spending a whole lot more time in it now that I'm wireless, coming to you live from the brand new laptop of my dreams. It's Ruby Red, slick as a button, and it's all mine, thanks to my sweetheart. Thank you, Sweetie.


Heather said...

Aw, I like the soap fish, even though I'm pretty sure he's thinking "Please god, kill me..."

But yeah, the monkey is terrifying.

Christie said...

New red laptop! How great is that!

Mama Brook said...

that monkey is wrong!

laydebug said...

I too have this book Nylon Net Novelties. I've been trying to fine the wire umbrella frame for the Baby Bootie Umbrella as a centerpiece for a baby shower.

Anonymous said...

OH! Thank you again for a warm memory of my stepmom's crafting! :) I remember she made the net monkey & it's little pink mitten hands were SO cute! I can't remember if she made the poodle or bunny, but she also made MANY Nylon Net SWANS as bed decorations; the body was a wire coat hanger... wish I could find directions for that; I'm looking for this book on E-bay right now! I want to make that monkey! :)