July 24, 2008

Enna Jetticks and My Unholy Desire

Recently, I came across this wonderful ad in a magazine from 1951.

Don't you just love the name "Enna Jetticks"? So clever. Well, it got me thinking about how hard it always is for me to find shoes that I like, especially vintage shoes, or shoes with a vintage look, which I am always on the hunt for. Now I had been to the Remix Vintage Shoes site before, thought it was fabulous, and promptly moved on and nearly forgot about it because, well, let's just say they're a little out of my price range. A few days ago, through one of those long meandering jumps from blog link to blog link, I clicked over to their site and honestly felt a pang of desire so great, that it hit me in the pit of my stomach. I. want. these. shoes. Bad.

I've told you before about my love of tooled leather, and I know JDP's got my back on this one. People, they are red 1940's slingback wedges, AND they're tooled leather! As if that weren't enough, there are matching handbags, Dollfaces.

Now, I have never spent that much money on anything but large pieces of machinery and hospital bills, let alone shoes, but, for the first time ever, I'm tempted. I could go without food for a few weeks, right? How much does a pint of blood fetch these days?

P.S. The Coco and the Claudette are also calling my name. Anyone want to loan me about $900?


Mama Brook said...

Those are divine!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Doll.... before you take the plunge.... Ebay search "tooled leather shoes" and wait 2-3 months for the right pair to come along!!!!!
It worked for me.... but yeah that EXACT pair continues to taunt me!

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, my - those red tooled leather shoes are too fabulous! Wow.


I know, I love their shoes. But that price tag is a little painful right now.
Lisa & Alfie

Wendy said...

Holly! So nice to see you posting again. I sort of crapped out on my vintage purse blog, but am still posting regularly on my writers' blog.

I have a pair of tooled wedges, but I would love to have pumps. Got a bunch of tooled purses, though not nearly as in as good shape as the ones you have pictured.

As for tattoos, as mentioned in one of your previous posts, I highly recommend the experience. But, yeah, it really, really hurts. Really. Really.

cheetah velour said...

Sigh...I love those shoes!

These aren't the same, but similar and half the price.