April 16, 2007

Neosho Finds #1: Kitcheny Things

I'm back! Despite pouring rain, frigid temperatures, fierce wind, hail, and even a few snow flurries, we came home with lots of great garage sale finds. In fact, I found so many fabulous things, I'll have to split them up over a few posts. For the first installment, I'll show you the kitcheny items. I got two brown Frankoma mugs for $1 each, some wine glasses my bar was lacking, along with six brown cups and a Japanese cup covered with green mushrooms, both of which I have in mind for an upcoming craft project. I bought this large DeForest of California set for $2, and shortly after, Mom found a lazy susan to go with it. I don't usually go for the late 60's yellows and oranges, but I thought it would be pretty on a Fall table, especially since the four serving dishes are so leaf-like. Did I mention it was only 2 bucks?
I fell in love with this old chrome coffee pot, which cost me 75 cents, and this slick 50's decanter, which came in at a whopping quarter.
This hand painted wooden bowl was a steal for a quarter, and the painted terra cotta owl was $1. Both are for my vintage Mexican themed teeny tiny kitchen.
This isn't even a third of my thrifty finds from this weekend, but the rest will have to wait for another day. We're headed to Arkansas to visit Mr. Sweetheart's Grandma and PawPaw, so I'll show you more when we return. Trust me, it only gets better from here. I'm saving the best for last!


Stephen said...

Holy Crap! Does that coffee pot work?

Rachael said...

You are the garage sale GODDESS! Really. What amazing finds and deals of the century! I'm in total awe.
Garage sale season is starting up here in Portland, OR, and now I'm so inspired by you.

sweetheartville said...

Well, Stephen, it might work if the cord had come with it, but, alas, just regular old automatic drip joe for me. I only bought it to look at. Rachael, I'm pretty sure no one, besides Mr. Sweetheart, has ever called me a "Goddess". Thanks! Glad I could inspire you. Happy junk hunting.