April 22, 2007

Neosho Finds #2 and Other Thrifty Bargains

We've returned from Arkansas, where Sugar Pea's Great Grandma and PawPaw spoiled her rotten, buying her several nice hardback books, including Good Night Moon, The Runaway Bunny, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a very cool Dr. Seuss collection called Your Favorite Seuss, which I couldn't have been more excited about if they had bought it for me, and many others. She also came home with a highchair and three toys, one of which is a gumball machine by Fisher-Price that the little genius has already figured out how to work. Next up, she will defeat Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Chuck Norris style with repeated roundhouse kicks to the head and face. She's really something else. In the last few weeks she's learned to gargle saliva in the back of her throat, prompting me to dub her "Enemy Mine" for the time being.
Yesterday morning she and I strolled over to a massive rummage sale put on by a boy scout troop in the vacant grocery store in front of our apartments. As we approached the entrance with a banner that read "50 Family Sale", I'm not ashamed to tell you I almost tinkled myself with excitement. There was a lot of junk, but hidden in the bad 80's clothes and religious books, we found some real treasures, like this neat table, held together, not with nails, but with wooden pegs, a steal at $8.

After our initial haul, we returned just before closing time to see if they were making deals, and, sure enough, they were. Everything was half off, so I got this fondue pot, which came in its original box, for only $3.50. It will coordinate with the red one I already have. I had wanted this one on the first trip, but was unwilling to pay the $7 they originally asked. You see, I very rarely ask anyone to take less on a garage sale item, so if I come across a really large sale where I want certain items that are priced too high, I will ask how late they plan to stay open, and return then. If things haven't sold, people are often willing to slash prices so as not to have to haul the left over junk away. This only works if you can live without whatever it is you have your eye on. If you love something, buy it right then, because someone else may love it too. I also found this fondue cookbook. Now, armed with recipes, a pot for cheese, and one for chocolate, I can finally host my first fondue party.
We've actually been to two good sales since we returned from Neosho, so I'm just going to work those finds into our regularly scheduled thrifty bargain broadcast.

I got 4 cut glass drinking glasses for a quarter a piece, a cut glass ring holder, also for a quarter, and this pretty vase with pink flowers accented with rhinestones for only 75 cents.

This trivet, made of sea shells, is intended for the kitchen, but will make a cool doily for my bedroom dresser with some other sea shell art I've collected. It was a quarter.

This cool vintage fabric covered box with blue flowers, vintage contact paper covered recipe box, and vintage photo album totaled 60 cents. I plan to use the boxes to hold office supplies and the photo album for business cards.

As I've previously mentioned, I am in desperate need of shoes, and these never-worn sparkly vintage numbers barely dented my pocketbook at $1.

I believe this pretty necklace is made of some kind of coral, not quite sure though. It and the gold leaf pin were $1.50 together.

These vintage clip on earrings for 50 cents may be reincarnated in some, as of yet undetermined, craft project.

I scored some new additions to my vintage beauty product collection.

I'm always thrilled to find vintage professional products, and these are my first haircolor bottles. The Roux Silverwyte is the kind of product that gives old ladies blue hair, and the company still exists today. The Noreen color rinse jars still contain the powdered dye that a beauty operator would mix with water or some sort of activator, I suppose. Interesting note: the Silverwyte bottle is dated 4-14-55, and I purchased it on 4-14. Also, I was with my mom, who was born in 1955. Oooooh, spooky. Someone call Sylvia Brown.

I couldn't resist this vintage Lady Sunbeam electric razor, which really is an objet d'art, if you want my opinion.

I'll be back soon with lots more to show you, so stay tuned, Dollfaces.

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Stephen said...

What's strange is that I found a Dusharm bottle in a little creek behind Natalie's parents house a couple of weeks ago