October 29, 2011

The Tattooed Lady

Since I was taking a bit of a baby-cooking and nesting blog hiatus last year at this time, I never shared Sugar Pea's Halloween costume. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be shocked and amazed by The Tattooed Lady!

cupcake head
tattooed ruby

Inspired by the candy and sweets themed temporary tattoos we found, I fashioned a cupcake headpiece from styrofoam, batting, felt, and fleece. Pearl head sewing pins became sprinkles, and I topped it with a polymer clay cherry. I had all the craft supplies on hand, and her Nana bought the secondhand tutu for a couple of dollars. I think the package of tattoos cost around $3. Very inexpensive, and completely unique!

tattooed ruby 2
tattooed back

And speaking of tattooed ladies, I really want to get my hands on this book. Anyone read it?

This year I'm going to have a witch and a baby black kitty. What are your little ones wearing?


Sidereal Day said...

Love the tattooed lady costume, it's seriously fabulous and creative!
This year is the first I have been totally neglectful of my little one's costume. We are going to throw together a mummy costume some time this weekend, I don't think he minds what he wears as long as he gets candy.

Holly said...

That is seriously one of the most awesome costumes I've seen. Which is appropriate considering she's one of the most awesome little girls I've seen. Happy Halloween, my fellow Holly!

Briana Shepley said...

That is perfect! I love it!

Um, what are we dressing our kids up as? I haven't decided yet what the beast and his fuzzy sisters will be wearing but they'll wear something special! ;)

Robin Thomas said...

I deeply heart you.

I like to think therer is a Holly tattoo on my heart.

Erin said...

Oh my goodness!! Most adorable costume ever. The hair! Oh I die for the hair. So cute.

jungle dream pagoda said...

so adorbs!!