October 26, 2011

Gearing Up

How's my Dollfaces? Tonight finds me cleaning and straightening my little art cave, trying to calm and center myself before the storm of the next several weeks. I am happy to announce that I've been accepted to both Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar and Alliday on the 10th and 17th of December, respectively. Along with the excitement of participating in these amazing, 100% handmade shows comes the sobering realization that holy bajeezus, I've got to produce enough inventory for two shows plus ye olde internete shoppe, on top of all the family and holiday related business and happy times that this time of year brings. I have so many ideas and plans for new offerings, new show displays, new things and projects I want to share with you, and such precious little time. I am trying to learn to not let myself be overwhelmed by the big picture, and to just focus on one task at a time until I reach my goal, or, as my mother would say, to "eat the elephant one bite at a time". I feel like I'm looking for some magic organizational tool or method that will help me feel less overwhelmed and keep me on track. My attempts at scheduling each hour of my day haven't worked, especially with two little girls. I'm good at making lists, and I do work better with one, but I still feel scattered sometimes. So much of the time I feel like I'm running on a treadmill, just barely staying on top of the day to day needs of my little business and my family, with no time to get ahead or reach the really big goals. I hope (and I think) I'm not alone here.

funnel cake 5

In other news, we celebrated our Sugar Pea's fifth birthday with funnel cakes (birthday girl's request), and I just shipped a big ol' box of Sweetheartville saint candles to a brand new store opening the first of November in Rogers, AR called Heirloom Food and Gifts! I cannot wait to shop there the next time we visit family in the Ozarks. Sweetheartville goods can now be found at retail stores in two different states, with more to come, hopefully. These are exciting times. So much work to be done! Do you have any tips for staying on track while juggling a business and a family? What sort of calendar, planner, or other organizational tools have helped you?

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