October 4, 2011

Indie Emporium Recap

Have I really been away from the blog for a week? Time flies when you're having fun! Indie Emporium was a blast. I saw old friends and met some really great new ones. Here's a peek at my little booth.

indie emporium 2011
audrey eclectic

My pal Heather, of Audrey Eclectic, was my neighbor, as were the delightful ladies of Lone Chimney, and the incredibly nice couple behind The Peaceful Housewife, whose laundry detergent I'm in love with so hard. My littlest girl was my only booth partner all weekend. She alternated between peeking out from her sling, flirting, smiling, modeling baby knitwear, and just generally charming the pants off everyone who met her. Craft shows are hard work, and doubly hard when you're on your own with a four month old! Many thanks to my sweet booth neighbors for all of the help.

sam lamb

I got to chat for a bit with the ever lovely Sam Lamb, among many other talented folks, and I received my first wholesale inquiry. All in all, it was a successful show! I've rested a bit the past few days, and now I'm ready to dive into wholesale orders and preparing for Deluxe this December. I also have a few crafty projects up my sleeve that I plan to share with you here, when I'm not soaking up the gorgeous Indian Summer we're having right now. Sweet relief after the hellish heat this summer!


Briana Shepley said...

Your booth was ALMOST as adorable as your little lady ;) Kicking myself for not grabbing a pack of your postcards! They were on my buy list!

Heather said...

Ivy was so good! And your booth looked awesome too. I love the new Will Rogers items!! I hope we're always neighbors at these shows :D

Sidereal Day said...

What a cute display! I'm glad it was a successful show.

Ivy Black said...

It all looks beautiful. I wish I could have been there.xx

Holly said...

You got some great photos! Your space looked amazing, but I wouldn't expect any less from a creative goddess like yourself. It was an honor to meet the newest member of the Hall family!