December 12, 2008

Sweetheartville + Deluxe = True Love Always

I'm back, and somewhat recovered from all the long days and late nights leading up to participating in my first craft show. Deluxe was a success! The whole weekend was such a blur of activity, hilarity, and new faces, that now, a week later, I'm still remembering details to relate to the Mister. One of my very best friends was kind enough to accompany me for a girls' weekend, and I'm so grateful for her help and support. The show was held at the Farmers' Public Market in downtown Oklahoma City, a 1920's Spanish structure dripping with history. I read that one of my all time favorite honky tonkers, Hank Williams Sr., played there, so we were in good company. Over 50 vendors, all from the great state of Oklahoma, came together to offer shoppers a handmade alternative to the mall. Here is my booth.

Several new Sweetheartville handmade products made their debut at Deluxe, including my vintage-inspired hair ornaments, jeweled bags, Beauty Buttons, and Soiree Aprons. Putting together an entire craft show inventory and display on a limited budget in a little less than two months required dreaming up some rather creative display ideas, such as hanging said aprons on a two armed 50s floor lamp I had.

For my line of Beauty Buttons, I decided this sweet little 1960's vanity my mom picked up for me a few months ago, accessorized with one of my vintage hair dryers would make a fitting display piece. Originally, I had two wire photo holders--one for buttons, and one for magnets--but after about the thirty fourth time I had to retrieve a magnet from the floor, I opted to just lay them in some little vintage plastic trays I had brought along.

I had already decided to bring my vanity, but still felt as though I needed to have one other unique, eye catching display piece, and I'm the gal just crazy enough to haul her prized five dollar vintage dryer chair halfway across the state to stack boxes on it made from record sleeves.

Dollfaces, sometimes being crazy pays, like, say, when you win the prize for "Best Display" at your very first craft show.

Pictured above with yours truly are Sara, J.D., and Stephanie, the three lovely, hard-working ladies responsible for making Deluxe such a great success. In fact, the show was such a smash hit, that there's talk of another one in the Spring. I can't wait!


Heather said...

It was lovely! Hope to see you there again in May :D

Brigid said...

You definitely earned the prize! I'm glad I finally got to meet you. I look forward to seeing you again!

Monsieur Robert said...

Man, what a great display! No wonder you won!

jungle dream pagoda said...

You look adorable!!!!
Your display ideas were FABBY to the MAX!!!!!!
Now do we get to see X-mas at Sweetheartville land?
Oh and you lokk darling!!! love your hair!
P.S. Are you as melancholy as I am about the passing of Betty Page?

[Tara] said...

Your booth and all your goodies look so amazing! Why is all the good stuff in OKC??

Christie said...

Your booth was swell as were all your goods. I loved it all! I especially was glad to see you and meet your friend. Will you be doing the show in May?

VaxGirl said...

Congratulations, it certainly looks fabulous! I hope you had an awesome day.

Holly Casey said...

Oh my goodness, I've never seen such an awesome booth. You really do have lots of skill in that department. You've got it in the craftiness department too, because your work looks amazing. Great job!!