September 3, 2008

Sweet Sparkly Jesus!

Remember when I said that I would be willing to use violent force against a holy sister to obtain a vintage General Crafts Peacock purse? Well, the nuns of Northeast Oklahoma can breathe a sigh of relief (that is, as long as they don't have any vintage Pagoda bags cloistered away). A few months ago I went to an antique mall I seldom visit, and found the purse I've been longing for. At twelve dollars, it was a bit more than I usually spend on a single thrifty purchase, but we're talking a vintage jeweled peacock, folks, and it had to be mine. I am in love with it, and have been carrying it daily, the possibility of dislodging sparkles be damned.

Well, as sometimes happens to us thrifty collector gals, I hit a vintage General Crafts jeweled purse streak, because less than a week later, while perusing a flea market in Columbia, MO with one of my bestest girlfriends of all time, we happened upon this:

Sweet Sparkly Jesus! It came in it's original box along with the original purse kit catalogue, even. This design, called, "Flowers", set me back a whopping fifteen bucks, a price which I hemmed and hawed over and repeatedly tried to talk myself out of, even though we both knew there was no way I was leaving without it, seeing as how I am on a mission to collect each and every one of these deliciously gaudy, glittery confections. I doubt I would have seen it at all if not for Heather's eagle eyes. Thanks Heather!

Hopefully, the next one I stumble upon will be priced somewhere in the neighborhood of the first one I snagged- 50 cents. Three down, at least nine to go.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it! Anyway, I saw one of these purses at a garages sale today and picked it up incase you might want it. It is the one w/ the city names on it and the buildings (its downstairs now so I cant remember exactly what it looks like-I think its green). It appears to be in pretty good shape and has the box w/ it as well...anyway let me know if you are interested in it!

Anna in Nebraska
theperrans AT cox DOT net

Christie said...

Love those too! I had one with a roadrunner on it a few years ago. It didn't have the pretty colors that your's does.

Kim said...

I had so much fun visiting you this morning! Thanks!