February 11, 2008

Testing...testing...is this thing on?

Did ya miss me, Dollfaces? Let's catch up, shall we? Here's a quick recap of the last three months:
  • We moved into the house and promptly had a red wasp infestation and plumbing problems, both of which have since been resolved (hopefully). Ah, the joys of an old house that has sat vacant for two years.
  • In an effort to make all the new ends meet, we denied ourselves cable/internet, which is why Sweetheartville has been deserted for so long.
  • Thanksgiving happened without me telling you how grateful I am for all my wonderful friends both online and off.
  • I discovered the awesomeness that is Pandora. Go there now and set up your own free customized radio station. Well, finish reading my blog first.
  • I painted and began to decorate my kitchen, although I still have lots to do in there.

    01-03-08 093

  • I decided to decorate for Christmas around the stacks of boxes and that awful wallpaper. After all, it was our first Christmas in our very own house (yipeeee!).

    01-03-08 06801-03-08 08901-03-08 082

  • Oklahoma, especially our neck of the woods, was hit with the worst ice storm since statehood. Huge limbs and entire trees (and therefore power lines) came crashing down under the immense weight of several inches of ice. We were very fortunate our home and vehicles weren't damaged, as some of our neighbors weren't so lucky. Our entire little town was without electricity and running water for days. Many people, including my folks, were without power for a week, some even longer. Had it not been for my parents' wood burning stove, we would all have been in the Red Cross shelter. How easily we take electricity and water for granted until it's gone. The massive debris cleanup effort is ongoing.

    12-14-07 160

  • Oh yeah. There was Christmas. After the week lost to the ice storm, and a couple more lost to illness, I was totally unprepared, but we all enjoyed just being together as a family and stuffing our faces full of my Mama's good cookin'.
  • I turned another year older. The highlight of my birthday was a personal MySpace message from none other than Miss Kim Lenz(!) herself. Let's just say I nearly peed my pants when I read it. What a Dollface!
  • I got all DIY and tore up the carpet in our bedroom. Gross and exhausting, but satisfying.

    01-03-08 130

  • We watched every single episode of all three seasons of Lost on borrowed DVDs in time for the January 31st premier of season four. Holy. Crap. That. Show. Is. Awesome. Yes, I'm a late bloomer. I had no idea what I was missing.
  • I finally picked up a copy of Blueprint, and boy am I glad I did.
  • I made a frightened 3:00 am call to 911 after Sugar Pea woke up gasping for air. After the assurance from fire/rescue that she was getting enough oxygen and we could safely make the 25 minute trip to the ER, it turned out to be a severe and sudden case of Croup that was restricting her airflow. She was given a breathing treatment that had an immediate effect. I never want to see my baby struggle for breath like that again. I know how terrifying not being able to breathe can be. So far she seems to have escaped her Daddy's and my asthma (knock on wood). She's right as rain, smart as a whip, and beginning to talk like a little parrot now, not to mention running, climbing, and generally getting into mischief.
  • I decorated the whole house over in my head about 7,000 times. I am a very fickle and noncommittal interior designer. After a bad wall color decision which needs to be remedied, I think I've finally settled on a scheme for our bedroom. Here's a sneak peek at my inspiration which I found here:

  • I gave Sugar Pea her first haircut---little bangs, which, when combined with pigtails, increase her cuteness (and decrease my ability to reprimand her) exponentially.
  • I did lots of thrifting.
That should about catch us up. I've missed you and your blogs and your feedback on mine, Dollfaces. It's good to be back.


Nick said...

Let me be the first to welcome you back.

irritablecanary said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back. :)

The inspiration for your bedroom reminded me of a website I've been eyeing. Reproductions of vintage chinese and japanese advertising posters for the bargain price of $12! I've been trying to make up my mind on which one I want for a month. Damn crippling indecision!

Christie said...

Yippee, Yippee,Yippee, You're back! I missed you!

MR. HALL said...

you're awesome baby. I love you.

Mama Brook said...

Your kitchen is dreamy!
I am SO glad your little gal is
alright! Sick babies must be the
scariest thing on earth!

fancy said...

I love the ornaments and your kitchen. So very happy you're back.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Welcome back Holly!!!
I have not been the best blogger on the block myself. Old hpouses may have there challenges but they are still the best!
Lost ,yes AWESOME!
Pandora,ditto ,its on rightnow my fave stations (that I created ) are The Cocteau twins and Brian Eno radio!
Soryy about the electricity
We took my babe on X-mas day ,no less,to the Er for a severe stomach bug,so I am so sorry about that!
Stay with us for awhile HollY!

Christie said...

Hi Holly, You've been awarded the You Make My Day award, cause you do! Please come by my blog and check it out.

Leilani said...

I love your aqua kitchen items... I wish I had open shelves like that to display my items. Great Christmas decorations too and I can't wait to see more of your new home. :)

tikiranch said...

Hi Holly
Thanks for the comment on my blog and glad to see you are back to your post. Take care