November 10, 2007


So sorry for the long absence, Dollfaces. The Sweethearts have been ever so busy. We had a fantastic Halloween, as I hope all of you did. Our little stinker had the best time picking out her first pumpkin and trick-or-treating.

After that was an estate sale, but not like the sales that I usually post about. I scored no vintage patterns or aprons or dishes at this one. This time I was on the other side. I was fine throughout the sale, caught up in the responsibility of it all. It was only later, the day after, that the finality of all of my father's possessions being scattered to the wind really hit me. Stuff is just stuff, though, and none of it really matters when everything is said and done.
In happier news, the house is ours! We closed on Halloween, but have been so busy that we're just now moving in.

At the closing, we finally met the sellers, who happen to be our new next door neighbors. They disclosed to us that the house is older than we previously thought, dating to 1910, or before. Would you just look at the light fixture in the front entryway?!

And my kitchen pantry big enough to have a window!

And the wide, dark stained trim and the cute little stairway to the attic tucked inside a bedroom closet!

The house is just drippin' with vintage charm, and it's all ours! Of course, a house this old, no matter how well maintained, has lots of challenges, not the least of which is a hot water heater on it's last legs, a bathtub without a shower, old, ugly carpet that hides a hardwood floor (in good condition, we hope), and some terrible 80's vinyl wallpaper covering at least two other layers of paper and the original plaster ( I'm clueless as to how to proceed with that whole mess on a budget, but I'll figure it out). There's so much work to be done, not to mention the vintage decoratin'! I can hardly contain myself, Dollfaces! Rest assured I'll document all of our projects and progress here. Now, back to the heavy lifting!


Christie said...

I love your new house. My daughter and I were in Nowata Thurday. It was after 5 and we didn't get to go by your store. Have you moved in yet?

Wendy said...

Holly! Your baby is so cute! Congrats on the fab house. What a treasure! Thanks also, for leaving me comments on VPAD. I hope you got my postally-mailed letter. Things are much better now. My daughter graduated from culinary school yesterday. You can see our pic on my other blog, WDINF. My girl's no longer as darling as your little one, but she does have a very big hat!

Dee Light said...

What a cute little one you have!! Halloween is so fun. I'm glad you enjoyed yours.

Love the house!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I LOVE that your little stinker was a little stinker! Mine was a Vampirus!So adorable!
I can only imagine how you must have felt"on the other side" because to folks like us ,yes stuff is just stuff,but we tend to attach sentiment to it....a lot!
Your house is just awesome!!! I ADORE it and am so happy for you. Start with the floors if you can,it will make all kinds of decorating difference!

Heather said...

Yay!! I'm so happy for you guys. I love the house. =)

It's funny, I was just thinking how much I love wide, dark wood trim.

(That sounded kinda dirty, but I promise I'm being sincere.)

irritablecanary said...

^^Ugh, I have too many email addresses. I logged in and commented with the wrong one today.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new house! Dreamy! Your pantry is as big as my kitchen.

Nick said...

I am also a fan of wide dark wood trim. Congrats on the new house. So are the previous owners the neighbors you were concerned about or is operation incarcerate-shitbag-neighbors still a go?

Gina said...

Oh I love it! That light is amazing! Your house is so very beautiful, congrats and hooray to you!

VaxGirl said...

What a beautiful house!(your Halloween pic isn't showing up right now) You're so lucky it has the original fixtures;I've seen so many bad things happen to lovely old homes. That light fixture is gorgeous.

When I go to estate sales, I always think about the person who owned and used the stuff I buy. It makes me feel good to get things with a history. I think most people who shop at estate sales feel the same way. When my mom died we brought her stuff to the Salvation Army and it made me feel a little better to know other people would want and use her things.

fancy said...

Oh I loved Halloween this year. Maya was a Hello Kitty witch and Olive...well she was just a chunky cat, kinda. Ruby looks so cute, did you make the costume? I found a cute tut for a skunk the other'd be cute for dress-up play. Your house is beautiful, well done to you and Mr. Sweetheart!

Mitzi said...

Hi there, I'm a fan of your blog - and now also a fan of your house and mall booth - how awesome are they?!?

Anyway, I recently started my own blog called Vintage + Goodness = Happiness, and I am going to add yours to my link list. I would love it if you came by and joined the newsletter, I'm sure that you have awesome stuff you could contribute! If you wanted to trade links too that would be cool. I'm just starting but I have big ideas ;)

Vintage geek luv,

town girl said...

Your house is beautiful. I just found your blog this morning and am very happy I did. I'm trying to catch up, but I am a little confused. Are you in Tulsa or elsewhere? I swear I'm not a stalker ... the style of your new house is right up my husband's and my alley. If you are in Tulsa and don't mind sharing the neighborhood name, we would very much like to go on a driving tour there to see if maybe another "house for frugal people who like style and not boxes" might be sitting there calling our names.