September 4, 2007

Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation...

...ridin' my pony on the reservation, in the Oklahoma hills where I was born. Yes, Dollfaces, that's how I'm spending most of my time these days, that is, when I'm not moving junk from one place to another, or figuring out how to cram twelve vintage coats and all of my and Mr. Sweetheart's clothes into one tiny closet in my Mom's house. Actually, there's been no pony ridin', only work, work, work. Moving from an upstairs apartment in the August heat and humidity of Oklahoma is probably my least favorite activity ever, right after having one of those allergy tests where they prick your back with dozens of lancets dripping with various allergen concentrates to see which bumps swell up the biggest, and, therefore, what you're most allergic to. It's a little better than that.

We're finally beginning to get settled in, though we're still living out of various boxes. For the most part, we're all adjusting to country life outside a small town pretty well. Also, I finally joined wardrobe remix over on Flickr like I've been meaning to. Here I am ready for a trip to the town's lone grocery store to buy fixins for supper.

On Saturday, Mom, Sugar Pea, and I hit a few garage sales on our way to town to do some more shopping for vittles. I chose the smart, but reserved, ensemble below for that outing.

It hasn't been all hard work. Mr. Sweetheart and I did go for a chicken fried steak at the old train depot that now houses a restaurant. I dressed up a bit for the big night out in this strapless fringed number and my cowhide pumps. That set the townsfolk's tongues to waggin', let me tell you.

Actually, these are photos of the beautiful Bobbie Cohn in some of the gorgeous western outfits that her husband, Nudie, designed and made for her. They're from the fabulous book Nudie The Rodeo Tailor, which was sent to me for no other reason than she knew I'd enjoy it by my new blog friend, Christie, at Serenity Now. Don't you know I just about died with excitement when she told me she wanted me to have it, especially since I'd been pining for this book for some time. Go check out her cute blog and say hi. A while back, after my post about the vintage apron display at the county fair, Wendy over at Vintage Purse a Day commented that she owned a vintage pattern that was pictured as part of the display wall. When I replied that I, too, owned the pattern, sans colorful envelope artwork, she generously sent me her copy, which I, of course, packed away in a box without scanning the charming envelope illustration to share with you all. Whoops. Maybe you can pick it out here, in the picture showing the aqua colored aprons. If you love vintage purses like I do, you really must stop by Wendy's and have a look at her huge collection of them, including her many General Crafts kit bags, which you already know about my deep love for. Now I ask you, could making connections with such wonderful friends through blogging get any better? Thank you from the bottom of my vintage-lovin' little heart, Ladies. Your kindness is much appreciated. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some unpacking to do. Oh, and there's the pony ridin', too.


Christie said...

Did you see they were having a screening of a the movie Wanda Jackson: The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice, at the Oklahoma Museum of Art in OKC? Artsymama is doing the Sweet and Sinister Swap. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! and the antique shop on her blog.

Wendy said...

Hey, Holly! Thanks for the mention. I wish I could post a vintage purse a day as promised, but "Vintage Purse Every Couple of Days When I'm Not Overloaded With Freelance Work" is a dumb name for a blog.

Have you ever checked out the book "How the West Was Worn"? That's a good one, too.

Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

Those are just incredible outfits! Now, you got me hankerin' for a chicken fried steak...LOL

Glad you are getting settled in your new place too.

Angelina said...

I don't envy you all the moving in the heat and hope it's all finished for you soon.

I love the outfits in the pictures! I'm not much of a western dress fan unless it's western as interpreted by glamorous ladies of the thirties and forties. That will be the inspiration behind spiffing up my very boring fifties ranch house.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Actually,Tricia(of WR) would love a Nudie wearin' gal for a re-mixer!
Hope you are settling in!

fancy said...

Dear Holly,
Leave it to you to get all fancy for a quick out and about! I look forward to some thrift store perusing with you and the babe.
I miss you already my friend.