September 6, 2007


The next two months are chock full of birthdays in our family, and since I once read that, statistically, more babies are born in September than in any other month, there's a good chance maybe some of you Dollfaces are thinking about birthday parties and cakes, like I am. Here are some clever ideas for making specially shaped cakes without expensive pans from "Cut-Ups!!", a small cookbooklet from Baker's Coconut, copyright 1970. Click on any image to enlarge.
This lion could be sweet for a child's circus themed party.

I've never been a big Raggedy Ann fan, but this a neat idea for making a doll or person-shaped cake, whatever the decoration used. How about a scarecrow for a fall party or a baby in booties for a shower? You could even adapt this one to represent a child's favorite cartoon character.

The umbrella cake would be just darling for a baby shower or spring birthday. Or maybe decorated in rainbow colors for an "It's Raining Men" themed coming out party?

"The Racer" could be perfect for birthdays or a congratulations cake for a teen just getting his or her license. Concerned parents could mangle the car a little and use globs of blood red icing to illustrate the importance of road safety and the dangers of drinking and driving.

This puppy cake is too cute for words and could easily be decorated to resemble any breed.

Here's one for the choo choo lovers.

The space ship has to be one of my favorites, but let your mind wander a bit, and with a few simple adaptations, one could create a bachelorette party cake that they'll be talking about for years!

"Up, up and away, in my beautiful, my beautiful, creepy doll-filled, balloon!"

Now for some helpful hints and icing recipes.

I've saved a few choice holiday cakes to share with you later, Dollfaces. If anyone makes any of these, please share the results. There might even be a prize in it!


Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

I'll take one of each, please and thank you ma'am!! I think the puppy is the cutest one :)

Stephen said...

I remember my mom making me an R2-D2 cake like these for one of my birthdays. I believe it even had Hershey's Kisses for the buttons and knobs and what not.

jungle dream pagoda said...

You win my blogspot soundbite of the week award for"The umbrella cake would be just darling for a baby shower or spring birthday. Or maybe decorated in rainbow colors for an "It's Raining Men" themed coming out party?"!
Your adorable!!!!

Christie said...

Love these cakes, I remember birthday cakes like these my aunt made for me, especially a bunny faced one. Are you all settling in alright? Did you decide on a theme for your boudoir and did you check out the Sweet and Sinister Swap thing? Guess that's enough questions for now.

Gina said...

Wow, thank you thank you, those are so fabulous!

Rachael said...

I do like the rocket, and your alteration idea!
I had to laugh at your 'creepy doll' comment - I zoomed in, and they are indeed creepy. I remember those dolls, I had a few. I think they were inspiration for the "Chuckie" movies.

Dee Light said...

Those are some fun cakes!!! We don't have any Birthdays coming up, but I will keep the ideas for the future!! Thanks for sharing!!

irritablecanary said...

I like the lion and the rocket cakes.

The doll cake is a bit on the terrifying side.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't have a blog so I'm "anonymous"...I actually have this cookbook and even saw one in a thrift this past week. I am a teacher and have often baked cakes for desserts at our class parties at Christmas and the end of the year. Sometimes I choose, sometimes I let the kids browse the book and choose. I've made the butterfly, the Xmas tree, easy bunny, daisy, the spaceship, and the airplane. All my coworkers think I am so can get a lot of mileage from a .99 cents cake mix! Aloha, Surfergirlie from HI

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting all of these online. I have the book in front of me and am reluctant to lend out the actual book. My mom used to make me the bunny cake every year as a kid and I loved it.

Elynor said...

Hi and thanks for these. I made the doll cake for my daughter's sixth birthday & we were discussing it again tonight. She's 32 now and a mommy.
I went to look for my book which has since vanished so was thrilled to find your website.