July 4, 2007

My Grandpa the Bull Rider

Fifty seven years ago today my grandpa, Chuck, competed in this rodeo. He was quite a bull rider. In fact, he was so incredibly excellent, they put his picture in the rodeo program. That's him flying through the air, below.

He managed to keep his handsome face in one piece and posed for this photograph about a year later, before heading to Germany.

That's him in Germany between two of his buddies where it looks like they're causing quite a stir with the ladies.

Sure, he was a tough old cowboy and soldier, but he was also a proud, doting Grandpa, and he was mine.

He was a square dancer, Hee Haw viewer and part-time toupee wearer. Also, he was an excellent fishing and napping buddy, and I miss him a lot.


jungle dream pagoda said...

The sweetest of sweet posts!!!! How cool to have a bronco busting Grandpa !!!! You rock!

Anonymous said...

OMG - what a sweet post is right! Just beautiful. And I gotta tell ya, you ain't kiddin' when you say he was handsome. Dang! He's a hunk!

Alexa (blogger-to-be)