June 29, 2007

The Texas Troubadour

Lately I've been spending a lot of time on YouTube watching classic country performances, not just for the great music, but also to drool over the beautiful vintage western wear. All those squaw skirts, Nudie suits, embroidered shirts and neckerchiefs set my little Okie heart a flutter. Here's a classic from The Texas Troubadour, Ernest Tubb. If you'll watch closely at the beginning, you'll see some of the lovely background ladies have "gone bandanas", 50's style.


jungle dream pagoda said...

Now,I could go bandannas,with those circle skirts!

Wendy said...

Loved the second guy in the video--he obviously likes to play, but isn't real comfortable on camera.

As for the skirts... oh my! I have a small collection of "squaw" skirts--although I was told (reprimanded) by a vintage clothing dealer that that's no longer the politically correct term. (Geesh!) My fave is black and white and has a panel with a pattern of DICE with rhinestones. Fab!