August 6, 2012

Folklore Flowers

folky florals

I have a serious thing for folky florals. Hand-painted or embroidered, I can't get enough of them. Brightly colored flowers on a background of black? Oh God, yes. One day I hope to have an entire wardrobe of embroidered German dirndls, Scandinavian sweaters, and Mexican Puebla dresses. Until then, I'm enjoying drooling over the stunning traditional costumes at Folklore Fashion, a blog by Laila Duran chronicling the making of her books on the subject. So much gorgeousness there!

                                                                        Photo copyright Laila Duran 2012


Heather said...

Surely it doesnt need to be said that I love all this stuff too :) These are great finds!

Sidereal Day said...

Oh yes!I'm partial to folk style flowers too, especially the ones with the black backgrounds.