August 27, 2011

Art Crush: Amanda Laurel Atkins

Today I want to share these amazing, colorful, vintage-inspired, perfect-in-every-way paintings by Amanda Laurel Atkins. I have a majorly serious crush on Miss Amanda's art right now. I want to write its name in bubble letters in my Trapper Keeper.


The wavy, vintage hair! The tattoos! The wallpapers!


The dresses made of bark! The old-timey parted curtains!


Have you ever seen such lovely paintings in all your days? I can't even begin to decide which print I'd like to own first. She even makes paper dolls.

On top of all of this talent, Amanda also happens to be a perfectly lovely person. You should stop by her blog for a visit.


Heather said...

These are great! I hadnt seen her work, I better go check it out! :D

Jo said...

She is so incredible talented, thank you for the introduction <3 I love the fox tattooed woman especially (I can never resist foxes!)

Lost in the Haze

Laurel said...

These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. I guess I have a new artist to go on my favorites list now. By the way, my first name is Laurel, so I am happy to at least have that in common with Ms. Atkins. I enjoy your blog a great deal.


Holly said...

Ooooh, she is indeed dreamy. Can I share your crush?

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Holly,
thank you so much for the beautiful blog post! I feel truly honored. And I love all the sweet comments above. :)
xo, Amanda

cArLa said...

amanda is as lovely as her paintings... great post!

Ivy Black said...

She is fab, isn't she. I adore her work and she is a lovely lady. I'm very glad to have found your blog too. xxx

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

These are absolutely amazing!