March 18, 2011

A New Crop O' Saints

I am just tickled to death to share with you some new art I've been cookin' up over the last couple of weeks. Allow me to introduce you to some lovely ladies, those Patron Saints of the Domestic Arts.

First we have St. Flora, Patron Saint of Gardening:

st flora, patron saint of gardening

Then comes St. Helene, Patron Saint of Sewing:

st helene, patron saint of sewing

The lovely St. Charlotte, Patron Saint of Crochet:

st charlotte, patron saint of crochet

Followed by St. Lucy, Patron Saint of Knitting:

st lucy, patron saint of knitting

And finally, St. Maribel, Patron Saint of Embroidery.

st maribel, patron saint of embroidery

All of these lovely lady Prayer Candles are available in the shop with more to follow, I'm sure!


Diane said...

Love these ladies!

jungle dream pagoda said...

faboo///Maribel is lookin' an oonch Frida to me which makes me like her even more.

Holly said...

CRAFTY patron saints?! Girl, you are a genius! I bet these will sell like crazy on Etsy. Flora wants to come to my house and watch over my garden for me. ;-)

La Dama said...

Such lovely saints,my fave is maribel.

Fritzi Marie said...

I am so in LOVE with your patron saint candles and your pretty blog. Dear Amanda's blog post about your made my day. Wishing you love.

Fritzi Marie

p.s. I'm saving my pennies for a sewing candle to give to myself as a housewarming present. I think I deserve it.

Lady Dragonsinger said...

So of course, after commenting I find this :D lol