June 1, 2010

Saint Ginger, Patron Saint of Manicurists

There's a new saint in Sweetheartville, and she's here to wrangle ragged cuticles, sculpt acrylics and gels, and wield a polish brush with precision. She's Saint Ginger, Patron Saint of Manicurists, and she joins Saint Tammy in the Sweetheartville Beauty Operator Prayer Candle lineup.

St. Ginger, Patron Saint of Manicurists

St. Ginger "Prayer"

Speaking of the nail techs, I've designed a new Beauty Button just for the nail-doin' ladies and gents:

manicurists do it with polish

Also newly added to the Beauty Button line is this cheeky design:

not a magic wand

And for something a bit different, these two birdie buttons are little pieces o' art which can be pinned just about anywhere you need some colorful quirkiness.

think of me victorian swallow

dryer bird and wreath

Of course, all of these and several other new designs are available in ye olde shoppe.


Hawaiian Radiation said...

awesome as always, sweetheart.

Holly said...

I am in LOVE with Saint Ginger. And the manicurist's version of the serenity prayer gave me serious lolz. You, my friend, are absolutely hilarious. Anyone who can't see that needs to talk to my badly in need of a manicure hand.

Hez said...

I'm sure you're already aware that the bird buttons made me squeal a little bit. :)

Gina said...

LOVE,Love, love!!!!