February 5, 2010

The Ball and Paylore Home

After my post about Maynard Parker a while back, I was looking through some of my old magazines when it dawned on me that not only had I seen his work before I stumbled upon it online, I had held copies of his photographs in my hands as I perused some early 1960's "House Beautiful" magazines in my collection.

Ball and Paylore Home

I especially liked this home, designed for two single gal librarians in Tucson, Arizona from the October 1962 issue of "House Beautiful". Get a load of that revolving porch shade!

Ball and Paylore Home

If you're a vintage cookbook lover, I've started a series over at Mama Says Vintage called Vintage Cookbook Fridays. Each Friday I'll be sharing a different vintage or antique cookbook from my collection. Today we're taking a look at "The Story of Carnation Milk" circa 1915. We'd love your company!


Mick said...

Love it! I like the whole "wall of windows/doors" they'd be fantastic for watching Thunderstorms!

Heather said...

The outside of the house especially reminds me of the Frankoma House here in town....
I wonder what the house is like now?