January 11, 2010

My Mod Victorian Asian Log Cabin...OF DOOM

I've been having a bit of fun lately making "inspiration mosaics" with Flickr photos. Now that I finally have the time to devote to finishing all the house projects that I've been putting off, I've swung into full home decorating mode. As time goes by, I find myself straying further and further from the strictly kitschy/mid century modern aesthetic I used to crave. I'm beginning to gravitate toward a bit darker, quirkier, more eclectic look--kind of mid century mod meets the 30s and then travels back in time to an 1850's Ozark Mountain cabin before ending up in the Victorian Age combined with lots of folky, handmade touches and Asian stuff. Pretty awesome, right? Without further ado, here are some lovely found photos representing a lot of what I'm working with, and some of what I'd like to find to complete my demented vision for our home.

home inspiration
1. Fabric11, 2. Antique Print, 3. Lampshade Heaven, 4. vintage globe, 5. Small tole trays, 6. Jack on the Circle Rag Rug DONE!, 7. New Couch., 8. birthday of Sri Krishna..., 9. Antique quilt, 10. vintage floral circa 40's pillow detail, 11. mirror, mirror..., 12. Heart of concreat and broken tiles, 13. 2007 nichos, 14. statue, 15. Harmony Mccoy in Mist Blue 1961, 16. Window Glass View, 17. favorite souvenirs, 18. Luxe Red and Gold Powder or Dresser Jar, 19. The Great UCM Museum, 20. Vintage Paint by Number, Geisha with Parasol


Hawaiian Radiation said...

does your mod victorian asian log cabin of doom have a moat and fireman's pole?

Heather said...

I totally dig it! And I know you can make it work. And you need to teach me these handy flickr collages! Oh, the fun we could have!

Robin Thomas said...

I firmly believe that if you love it, it will all go together.
Also, there is medication for that.

SheezKrafty said...

Big surprise...I love it all! ;)

Christie said...

I love your collage. The look will be great!

Rosie said...

Hi I just found your blog by doing a random Enid Collins google. Loooved the Dia de los Muertas purse you did!