September 14, 2009

My New Ride

Needing a distraction, Sugar Pea and I hit some garage sales on Saturday as part of the second annual Kan-Okla 100 Mile Sale . I came away with quite a few treasures, but the best find was this 1960's Schwinn American complete with a headlight and baskets on the back. It's pretty much my dream bike, second only to Pee-Wee's, of course. I've been wanting a bike for some time, and I was just waiting for the right one to come along.

This new set of wheels was just what I needed this weekend, after a very stressful couple of days. Last Wednesday night, a pick up truck on a flat bed trailer came loose from the truck that was pulling it down the street on the south side of our house. It flew through our back yard, slamming into my beloved minivan which was thrown into our other car parked next to it in the driveway behind our house. My van is totaled, and our other car is in pretty bad shape.

The bright side (because you know there always is one) is that none of my loved ones were in the yard at the time. Also, had the cars not been parked behind our home, the trailer would have crashed into our back bedroom, taking out our home's electrical system, not to mention ruining a whole lot of vintage fabric and craft supplies. Thank god for insurance!


Adrian said...

Sweet bike! Streamers and a fierce tiger head and you'll be pretty close to PeeWee's :)

And OMG what a horribly scary thing to happen! Thank goodness everyone and your fabric is okay!

craftyminx said...

What a beauty of a bike! And I am so sorry to hear about the accident. I'm glad your family was safe, but it does suck that your cars were hurt!

Brigid said...

I want a bike like that, too! That's why I haven't purchased one. I like the old-school, one-speed ones with all that vintage charm. Ever since I first saw the movie Now and Then as a young'n, I've wanted a gold bike. :)

That is really scary about your cars! I'm glad you and your family escaped unscathed. I hope the driver was insured and that you'll get a new van soon.

Heather said...

I heart this so much! I am so glad you guys werent heart by that freak accident (oh, the stories you'll tell for years!) I love this bike, I've been thinking about bikes too but sadly...have no where to ride to :S

We need to get together soon and craft some stuff!~

Stefunkc said...

I didn't know about the garage sale! I am loving your blog, I'm learning so much! I am all about that next year!

And so glad you're okay! And have insurance:)

Beth said...

omg, so sorry to hear about the accident! I hope you get a fab new mini van out of it. I love your bike though! I heart PeeWee.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

That bike is amazingly cool! What a great find!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is awesome. Glad I found you!