August 3, 2009

Welcome Little Stranger

Know what Mister and I did on our Summer vacation? We went and started ourselves a band. I use the term "band" pretty loosely here. "Recording project" is more accurate. Actually, "Whatever we can accomplish with our crappy recording equipment after Sugar Pea has finally gone to sleep for the night, if we're not too tired, or don't have a Netflix movie with dirty words that needs to be watched Project " is probably the most accurate term. I'm not really sure why it took us eleven years to combine our talents, but we're having a big time doing it. I'm lucky to be married to a very talented musician/songwriter/recording engineer who lets his less gifted, but extremely enthusiastic wife strum away at an autoharp and write dark, folky lyrics about Masonic funeral rites and Voodoo. Life is sweet.

The name comes from the heartbreaking Victorian tradition of waiting to see if a baby would live before he or she was named, just in case this life didn't take. Presents of small pillows and pincushions were often given to a new mother with messages spelled out in pins, which in themselves were a valuable gift. "Welcome, Little Stranger" was a common sentiment from that time. Bet you didn't know I was an Old-Timey Goth, did you, Dollfaces? I'm just full of surprises!
So if Folky Goth holds any appeal for you, click on that pretty little picture up there, or on the "Welcome Little Stranger" button on the sidebar, and have a listen. Add us to your friends and drop us a line, if you like. Why suffer longer?


Heather said...

Well, you old-timey goth, you! I envy musical talent. I'm pretty sure I have zero. This is such a fun and awesome project! It's like...down home carter family goth ;)

I'll get to work sketching those wooden jaws and arms we discussed ;)

ANestWithAView said...

Wow, love it. I added it to my profile!

Brigid said...

I absolutely love listening to your music. I had no idea that was the origin of the name. Old-timey goth indeed. ;)

Hollyrocks said...

Oh my goodness! You and Mr. Sweetheart are total rockstars! After reading this blog post, I immediately clicked the link into a new tab and began to listen (and I'm still listening too). No lie, within 20 seconds of the vocals coming on, my man started tapping along and looked over at me to ask "Who IS this?" He loves it, and so do I!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Superb! I love your sound and had no idea about the custom. Dark and delicious.

I swear, you get more done in a week than I do in a year.