December 31, 2008

Kitschmas in Sweetheartville

So today I went around snapping shots of a lot of my Christmas decorations, for you Dollfaces, and for posterity, I suppose. Sugar Pea and I have been sick for three weeks between us, so this Christmas was a bit of a bust. I did force myself to make three varieties of cookie and two types of candy, sick as I was, but was then too miserable and exhausted to take any shots of how dang pretty they all looked laid out on a big aqua platter. You'll have to take my word for it.
Now, if you'd please, come this way for a little tour of my home at Christmas time. Please remember that it's a work in progress. I'm afraid one year later we haven't made as much progress as I would have liked.

In the entryway, I displayed my growing tree collection. I'm still searching for the perfect pair of shades for those awesome chartreuse lamps.

About a month ago, I found a real life Nylon Net Novelty tree! The old men running the charity junk shop just couldn't get behind my enthusiasm, even when I explained that it was a real life Net Novelty. They took my fifty cents with nary a hint of excitement for me.

Just ignore the half stripped wallpaper behind the giant styrofoam Santa head as you behold the tree.

After an email from Christie with a picture of some nesting doll ornaments, I had the idea to give Sugar Pea her own little tree to decorate and redecorate to her heart's content. Plus, I figured it would take some of the heat off of my tree. So, I set about making six little felt "open babies", and she helped me string a garland of pink pom poms. I also gave her a dozen shiny, unbreakable ornaments.

Well, imagine our surprise when, a few days before Christmas, a lovely package of cookies and these precious handmade Open Baby ornaments arrived for Sugar Pea from the oh-so-generous Ms. Christie. She is just about twelve kinds of awesome, as evidenced by the spectacular octopus chandelier she just made.

I overloaded a little tree with my vintage angel ornaments on the dining room buffet.

My favorite part of the Christmas story has always been the part about the Bug People who followed the star, riding reindeer for three days and nights to bring the Baby Jesus peanut brittle.

This summer, my Mom found me a box of six of these Shiny Brite angels. I want to hug them, and squeeze them, and call them "George", but I don't because they're very fragile.

Here's the pantry, all decked out. Really, with a pantry like this, it would be a sin not to decorate it for Christmas. Possibly, it would be illegal. I'm not taking any chances.

Here's where our tour ends. If you'd like to see more, have a look at my Kitschmas Set on Flickr. Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I saw your blog, look at mine I think you'll like,
I hope that we keep in communication, greetings and congratulations

Christie said...

What a yummy post. The pictures are delightful! I can't decide what I love best, it would probably be the bug magi, on their pilgrimage! Adorable!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Hey that peanut brittle bug people story is my favorite x-mas tale too!!!!
What a fabby xmas display!!!!!!!!
The net tree!! Yummy!!!!! Love it !
Why not skip the lamp shades and do like I do and treat them like a giant candle?
Happy new yaer Holly!

Brigid said...

Love it! I feel so un-festive when I read other people's Christmas blogs. We put up our 2.5-foot tree and plugged the lights in once.

I could have gotten into church as a youngest if it involved bug people. :)

Heather said...

Awww, your house is about 12 kinds of adorable! I love it! I think next year my daughter will have a tree in her room, those felt ornaments are a great idea!
Hope you all are feeling better!~

Gina said...

Wow, can I move in? You've got real style. Merry Christmas