April 3, 2008

I Like You

...I like you and I think you're swell! Time flies when you're having fun. Tomorrow we leave for our annual junking trip to Neosho. I have lots I want to share with ya, Dollfaces, just precious little time to do it.Here's some stuff I've been working on:

healthier cooking
whipping my long neglected yard into shape
ice storm limb cutting and removal
trying to think about starting to possibly maybe plant a garden
more carpet removal
floor scrubbing
spring cleaning
baseboard scrubbing
making my own natural cleaning products
hanging a clothesline
working on my flea market booth
thinking about making a braided rag rug
thriftin' like a crazy woman
keeping up with a seventeen month old

When I return, (loaded down with vintage goodness scored for mere pocket change) let's settle in for a nice long chat, okay?


Christie said...

You go girl!

Gina said...

so cute!

Mama Brook said...

Ohh good luck. You got some great stuff last time.

fancy said...

I've been into natural cleaners and been looking into the breaded rug thing too. (i want it for my kitchen)
Maybe we can do a rug-a-long?