March 3, 2008

Step Into My (Beauty) Parlor

That's right. I'm talking to you. It's time for your appointment at the chicest little beauty shop in town. We've just remodeled for 1957. Won't you come in?

Don't you just love our new stations? They're the latest thing.

Doesn't the bakelite look modern?

And couldn't you just die over the new pink Lift-O-Matic chairs?

Well, it's March and the time has come for you and I, your beauty operator, to decide on a Spring hairstyle. Will you be wearing a new hat for Easter? Perhaps you'd like something like the "Feather-Fringe Coif".

Not quite your style? Well, the "Wisp-Wave Coif" "with the 1930 look" is all the rage.

A little too asymmetrical for you? Don't worry, Dollface. I'm sure we can find a suitable style. Ooh, look at this "Little Cling-Coif".

Oh my, you're right. It would draw unwelcome attention to those, uh, unfortunate ears of yours, wouldn't it? Let's don't try that one. Alright...something else... Here's a pretty one. It's named the "Swirling Pouf". My, but that has a sophisticated ring, doesn't it?

What's that you say? Too matronly? Can't argue with you there, Dollface. Let's see... I know! The "Dip Around Silhouette" will be just the thing to show off your lovely cheekbones, don't you think? Just look at that shaping! Let's begin, shall we?

What's that? No, dear. I'm sorry. You may not look at my new Modern Beauty Shop magazine. I'm afraid it's for the trade only. Can't give away our secrets, you know.

Let's find you a nice Better Homes and Gardens. There you are. Now just sit back and relax.


Heather said...

I would love to have a vintage salon hair dryer and a place to put it. Then you could come over and give me finger waves. :)

Mama Brook said...

Those counter tops are to die for! I would definitely come in for an updo!

Christie said...

That's so cool. The only thing missing was the chart with pastel toners that I remember from the shop where my nana went. All the grey haired ladies would pick pink, purple or blue.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Nice to see you back!

fancy said...

I'd like an appointment for a style please. The feather fringe coif is what I have in mind.