June 13, 2007

Let's Get Cockeyed and Celebrate!

I was recently honored to be nominated for a "Thinking Blogger Award" by Miss Jungle Dream Pagoda. What an exciting surprise! The protocol, here, is that I must now nominate five other bloggers who make me think, alert those folks with a comment, and they, in turn, must choose their favorites, and so on. Being rather new to blogland, and having blog tastes that run toward the here's-some-cool-old-stuff-I-found variety and the no-longer-updated variety (both venues that don't lend themselves well to this kind of game) I have decided to simply alert you to some great blogs you may or may not have visited from my lil list o' links, rules be damned!
Firstly, I know you probably aren't supposed to reciprocate and re-nominate the blogger that honored you, but I am making up my own rules here, so do go visit Jungle Dream Pagoda. She is quite the fashion plate and a regular vintage vixen, not to mention she has chosen the best blog name I believe I've ever heard. I have been very inspired by her fearless fashion sense, and you will be too.
Another daily read, though I've mentioned him and his generosity before, is Tikiranch. Since that post, he has sent the original cookbooklet bearing the "Lady of Flame" and the "Let's get Cockeyed" cocktail napkin, simply because I commented that I especially admired it. What a blog friend! I tune in every week day to see what fantastic vintage advertising he has served up from his massive collection.
A really fun blog, in fact, a Secret Fun Blog, is Kirk's extension to his entertaining site Secret Fun Spot. Both are a must read for lovers of vintage ephemera, and the design is just fabulous. Stop by and congratulate him on his recent work on the new Hairspray movie.
A fairly recent find, and an amazing source of inspiration, is Cathy of California. Cathy is a window dresser and retail merchandiser, as well as a crafter who takes her inspiration from the crafts of the 60s and 70s. Her blog showcases photos from her large collection of vintage craft books, magazines, and found photos. Go visit her this instant!
Your Daily Awesome delivers just what it promises: "One blast of awesomeness a day".
Last but not least, is a wildly entertaining blog from a crafty, vintagey girl after my own heart, Mary of My House is Cuter Than Yours. I am certainly not the first to recognize her talents, as I see her name in link lists all over the place, and in fact, I hesitated to include her in this list because she is currently taking a little break from blogland, but her archives are certainly worthy of an hour (or two) of your time. I stumbled upon her wonderful site just as I was beginning my own little blog and she was shelving hers. I instantly felt as if I had found a kindred spirit. Go take a look, if you haven't already, and if you like what you see, leave her a comment to wish her well.
There are my hypothetical nominees for the "Thinking Blogger Award". I hope you are as entertained by them as I, and if you are, please let them know. In summation, I wish to thank Mr. Sweetheart, my Mama, and my agent for their continuing support. I promise I will always remember the little people as I continue my ride on the upward shooting star of blogosphere fame.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Well thankyou ever so for the kind words! I am all over your fun new suggestions,isn't blog-ville cool,and yeah, we all wish Mary would come back!