June 24, 2007

I'm Tying One On

So, I'm finally taking the plunge and submitting an apron to Tie One On. The theme this time is "The Pocket", and what could be more fitting than a pocket that covers the entire apron?

I made this from a vintage pattern in my stash using the corner motif of a vintage tablecloth and a lot of red rick-rack. Normally I wouldn't advocate cutting up a beautiful old tablecloth like this, but when you find one with too many holes or fifty year old coffee stains, I think it's nice to give it a second chance at life. I love to incorporate vintage elements into my sewing and crafting, and am getting much braver at cutting into my treasured vintage fabrics as my sewing skills improve. It's not visible in the picture, but there is an inverted V shape topstitched on the pocket so things won't slide down into the point of the front panel, effectively creating two side pockets. I had a little trouble with the waistband, as 1940's patterns can be somewhat vague in their instructions, but I'm pretty pleased with the finished product.


Angelina said...

I finally did my first Tie One On apron for the last round. It's so much fun to post with a group.

I really like this apron you've made. There's nothing like spacious pockets in an apron! I generally don't like cutting into vintage tablecloths or napkins either, but lately I've done a few projects that called for them and enjoyed the results a lot.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Totally fabulous!!! this group is perfect for you!

Suzan said...

I really love the apron! You did such a great job! How creative! Love ya!

bgirl said...

super. cute.

Bettsi McComb said...

Hello Toots! Just popping out of my lurkdom to tell you how fabulous that apron is! I have some embroidered tablecloth corners and I love this idea. What pattern company and number did you use? I could probably wing it, eh? Anyway, it's the bees knees!
P.S. Just discovered your blog last week and I've been reading backwards and enjoying all of it!