April 9, 2007

This Is What It Sounds Like When Baby Chicks Cry

So, a month or so ago I was at my local drugstore when I noticed the most charming little Easter product. It was an egg that would sprout a small flowering plant seedling that you could then re pot. "How lovely," I exclaimed, as I forked over a hard earned $2.99 for the Snapdragon variety. Upon my return home, I noticed that it was manufactured by a company with the rather ominous name of "CobraCo." "Curious," I thought, as I tore open the shrink wrapped egg to get to the instruction sheet inside, which read, "Before opening shrink wrap, gently crack open top of egg." "What a silly mistake," I said to no one in particular as I began to decorate the boring white egg with carefully placed polka dots, the whole time imagining how darling it would look with a tiny snapdragon sprouting from the top. It would be as if a dainty fairy had cultivated her garden in an Easter egg shell that had been discarded by a sweet little boy in a sailor suit as he played in the meadow. In just 7-10 days the tiny green tendrils would begin to poke their curious heads through the soil, stretching to find the life-giving sun, a true miracle of Nature and a symbol of new life...
Curse you CobraCo! You have made tiny chicks cry. One month to the day later, and still no Snapdragon. After all that gluing back together and daily watering, too.

It was Sugar Pea's first Easter, and here is what was in the basket the Easter Bunny brought her: a sippy cup, a pair of tights, a vintage Bambi book (that was in good shape until the used bookstore put a big, black X on it to mark it for a $.25 sale, dang it), a thrifted French vintage sunhat and bloomers for our upcoming trip to the Floribama coast, and a rubber duckie that lights up with different colors and flashes when you put it in water. She can now have bath time raves in the kitchen sink. I made an Easter Bunny cake based on this recipe, but instead of carrot cake, his yummy bunny insides were strawberry and he was covered in homemade cream cheese icing and pink coconut. I also took creative license and made his tail with, what else, a snowball. Since the recipe only calls for half of the cake batter, I used the rest to make cupcakes. I colored the icing green and put green coconut grass on top of each one. Then I perched Peeps on top, along with some Whopper eggs they laid.
Please pardon the bad photos as I took them late at night in my kitchen, just in case Bunny and the Peeps didn't survive the hour drive to my mama's. Fortunately everyone lived, and here they are, ready to be devoured.

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Heather said...

My grandma always makes an easter themed cake, and made one similar to yours a few years ago. Her bunny was white though, and I think one of the ears suffered an injury of sorts. My favorite Easter creation of hers was a catepillar. He had a snowball for a head, with gumdrops on toothpicks for eyes, AND little peanut halves for feet. It looked similar to this guy: http://www.chefbillskitchen.net/PartyCakes/caterpillarcake.jpg