April 4, 2007

Maple Syrup Makes You (Country) Rock!

Hello from the mayor of Behind the Timesville! I'm about two years too late with this to be cool, but, then again, I've never pretended that I was, especially where new music is concerned. In fact, if not for Mr. Sweetheart turning me on to all sorts of great stuff, I'd be happily stuck in the past most of the time. I am in love with Kathleen Edwards right now, especially this song, "In State". It's that jangly guitar, country rock with tambourine and organ stuff I just can't get enough of, in the tradition of Neil Young, Tom Petty, The Jayhawks, and such. Speaking of Neil Young, Kathleen's from Canada, too. What is it with those Canadians rocking so hard? Must be the maple syrup.

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