March 23, 2007

Signs of the Time

There once was a time when people lived with style, when even the most humble twelve room motor court called out to road weary travelers with sherbet colored boomerangs, triangles, and trapezoids. With names like Starlight, Oasis, Sky Ranch, Sandman, Wagon Wheel, and Hawaii, these motels advertised their clean sheets and reasonable rates with neon glamour. Each sign was a masterpiece of modern design, a vertical sculpture by the side of the road. It has been my desire for several years to photograph what remains of this vintage signage, both as appreciation for great design, and for posterity, as these midcentury gems are fast disappearing from the American landscape.
Here are three classic motor lodges located along 11th Street in Tulsa, which used to be part of Route 66. I'm working on my fledgling photography skills, and hope to be able to capture and share some of these, and others, in all of their night time, neon glory, as my previous attempts have been pretty sorry. In the mean time, Dollfaces, I've been snapping away while the sun shines, and will be sharing a lot more vintage signage with you in days to come.


Stephen said...

I love those signs. I remember as a kid traveling and staying in motels like that. They were always great, but unfortunately most have now turned into crank whore flop houses.

Kirk D. said...

Glad you got 'em on film. Every time I drive past these I think "I should take a snapshot sometime."

Fun blog you've got here!