March 28, 2007

Gay, Unorthodox Things

Girls, don't miss the fun of doing gay, unorthodox things at your kitchen windows! Now I know what you're saying, "But Holly, what will the neighbors think? Can it be true? Are you, style maven and trendsetter that you are, actually suggesting that we let our freak flag fly, in full view of the Joneses?" Why yes, Dollfaces, and if they can't handle such a carefully coordinated and thrilling display, then they are not thoroughly modern and are to be pitied. Just take a look at these clever ideas for whipping up some "bright little window wavers" and matching aprons from the April 1941 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. What was that, Hon? Why yes, I'm talking about stitching up some darling kitchen curtains with aprons to match. What on earth did you think I meant? Especially gay is the "Weights and Measures" duo "with kitchen facts and figures worked out in white bias tape." And to complete the vignette, "alongside hangs an old-fashioned slate."I collect and use vintage aprons, just as my mama, the original vintage vixen, did while I was growing up. We were vintage when vintage wasn't cool, and would don aprons from the 40's and 50's that she had collected from estate sales as we baked up a mess of Christmas cookies and fudge while we listened to Patsy Cline, Dwight Yoakam, Reba McEntire, or George Strait. (We were also country, but by that time it was moderately cool, thanks to Urban Cowboy.)

Here is a favorite from my collection, with an African safari themed fabric and green and gold rick-rack trim. If only I had yards and yards of this fabric, I could whip up the gayest kitchen curtains ever.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

I am crackin' up over this post ,Dollface!